About Us
Haemiwon that gives abalone taste, health, and joy!


History of Haemiwon

2021 HACCP Certified
ASC-COC Certified
Registered as Vietnam Export Plant (KVN-288)
Export reached $18.95 million
8th Export Using Special Containers for Living Marine Products
2020 ISO22000, FSSC22000 Certified
Establish a smart factory system (introduction of SAP)
Completion of a new factory (distribution, processing facility)
Raw fish container (port) abalone export successful
2019 Participating in Taipei Food Fair in Taiwan
Export to Taiwan
2018 Registration of Fisheries History Tracking Management (Fisheries Quality Management Service)
Exported $15.34 million
Participated in Hong Kong Food Exhibition
2017 Registration of export plant in China (KA-345)
Export to China
Securing 3,893㎡ of land for a new factory
2016 Haemiwon's shopping mall is open
Importing and selling lobster
Export reached $12 million
2015 Designated as a promising export SME
Living Abalone Sales Reached at 900 Millon USD
2013 Haemiwon was established
Export to Japan