Haemiwon that gives abalone taste, health, and joy!


Haemiwon's export performance

Haemiwon has the excellence of Wando abalone through steady export and export expansion. We are trying to promote it overseas.
As a result of these efforts, the export performance, which has been increasing since the establishment of Haemiwon, It is seen as evidence.
I am confident that Haemiwon will contribute to the positive future of the abalone industry.

Major exporting countries

  • Japan

  • China

  • Taiwan

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • Hongkong

Export method

There is a way to export abalone by ship or plane.

Way How long it takes Cost
Ship It takes 7 to 10 days 1kg / 3~4$
Airplane It takes a day 1kg / 7$

Exporting ships using bow containers

Put seawater in the container, live abalone in the basket, and send it to the container.
It is possible to transport live abalone by attaching its own water circulation system, waste filtration system, oxygen generator, and cooling water device.
Transportation period 7th to 10th
Export volume 2,000kg ~ 3,500kg

Export by air

We'll send you a small amount quickly using an aircraft.
Put live abalone in an ice box and cool it down to cool it down.
Transportation period 1~2 days
Export volume200kg ~ 1,000kg

Direct export of Japanese/live fish truck

Take a live fish truck from Korea to Busan Port
We ship directly from Busan to Japan (Shimonoseki).